Rinas Christmas Trees

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The Farm is closed for the 2021 season

A GOOD TIP:    You can delay putting up your tree by storing it in an unheated shed or garage (keep it out of the wind or sun). You do not need to store the tree in water at this point.  When its time to put up the tree, cut off a small slice (1 cm) of the stem before putting the tree in the stand with water.

There will NOT be wagon rides this year and Ruth's Warm up Shelter
will NOT be open due to the pandemic.

Dogs may visit the farm, but they must be kept controlled on a leash.

  Our first priority is the safety of our customers and staff.

 A minimum 2 meter social distancing is in effect in all areas of the farm.

Please wear a mask in the parking lot and tree baling areas.  If there is a line up
for tree baling, the waiting areas are by household group.

Please do not visit the farm if you are exhibiting any symptoms of covid-19

or have been in close contact with someone known to have covid-19


  Spruce, Pine, Concolor Fir, any size........$58.00 HST included

Trees can be shaken out and netting is $2.00. 

Cash only please

We have the tapered drill required for anyone that needs to drill their tree stump to fit a tapered spike tree stand.  We do not have any tree stands for sale.

The farm is located 1km north of the village of Rockton on the 6th Concession.
    House number 1762.
Our What3Words address is ///undertaking.lawfully.dependable

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GPS coordinates   N43°19'394    W080°08'121

Google Maps Coordinates        43.325223,  -80.135241


CITY.......Rockton ON           STREET......... Sixth Concession W                HOUSE NUMBER.........1762 



CITY.....Hamilton Ontario        HOUSE NUMBER..........1762        STREET.........Concession 6 W 


Map from Cambridge

Map from Hamilton, Dundas and Burlington

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We can be reached at   519 621-1438

or Email : erinas@rinaschristmastrees.ca