Welcome to

The Photo Shoot Page


We are charging $10 a session (family or client) up to a daily
maximum of $50.

Locations and props available on the farm are on a first come first served bases.

  Onsite photographers have always been very cooperative with each other.

If you need to scout potential locations please confirm that
someone will be on the farm thru email ahead of time.

Dogs are allowed on the farm but they must be on a
leash and kept under control at all times.

We expect to have a wheelchair accessible porta potti
available after the Thanksgiving Weekend.

Please make payment on the day of your session
according to the number of sessions that occurred, up to $50.

This will allow you some flexibility, if for instance the afternoon
gets rained out or a number of clients do not show up.

E-transfer to erinas@rinaschristmastrees.ca or cash is fine.


We limit the number of (reservations/photographers) to 9 on any given day.

We will do our best to make rain dates work, if they are needed.

This could result in busier days with more than 9 photographers
if previous days were interrupted with rain.

If you are fairly sure about which date or dates you need on the farm,

please send us an email at erinas@rinaschristmastrees.ca and we

will make sure the date is available and mark down your reservation.

We start selling Christmas trees on Nov 25th, and discourage any professional
photography from that point on.