Rinas Christmas Trees

 519 621-1438

We will be closing for the season on Friday evening Dec 15th.

As of Dec 9th we have White Pine and Scot's Pine (long needles) up to 6 feet available.
Typically we would have lots of short needled tree varieties available.
  We do have many growing for the coming years.
Open 9 am to 4:30 pm

As you enter our farm you are driving down one of the Westover Drumlins left by the glaciers some 15,000 years ago. The thin soils over the dolomitic limestone have proven unsuitable for ploughing but ideal for growing trees. We used to have beef and dairy cattle.  Then in 1979 we started planting Christmas Trees.

The farm is located near the village of Rockton on a quiet rural road.
For a great family outing one can harvest a tree from one of seven different fields of trees.

Christine Grace Photography                                                      

On weekends we have a hay wagon that is constantly making its way around to the edge of each field. You can bring your tree back to your car using this wagon or just go along for the ride.  


We also have Ruth's Warm-up Shelter where on weekends, hot cider is available.

 Heinz The Reindeer Maker

 "PreCut Fraser Firs". 

We are sold out of Pre-cut trees for the 2017 season.

December 2017


We will be closing for the season on Friday evening Dec 15th.

        9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m..  

 any size, cut your own tree........$38.00 HST included 

Cash only please.

We have the tapered drill required for anyone that needs to drill their tree for this type of tree stand.


GPS coordinates   N43°19'394    W080°08'121

Google Maps Coordinates        43.325223,  -80.135241


city.......Rockton ON            street......... Sixth Concession W                house number..........1762 



city.....Hamilton Ontario        house number..........1762        street.........Concession 6 W 


Map from Cambridge

Map from Hamilton, Dundas and Burlington

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We can be reached at 519 621-1438

or Email : erinas@rinaschristmastrees.ca